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Aathira Sun TV Serial 

Aathira is an Tamil language thriller soap opera television series, which premiered on 30th March 2015 on Sun TV. The show is produced by Cine Times Entertainment and stars Sree Vani and Jai Dhanush in lead roles.


The story is about a Woman named Neelaveni who is a soul meandering so as to vindicate a Zameen family. She hails from a Zameen family in Vengaiyur. She has pledged to devastate the whole ancestry of Kiliyanoor Zameen family. She does this with the assistance of Chitti Babu, a little kid who is likewise a soul.

The story begins as Aadhira, the lead champion of the story, cherishes Arjun who is from the Kiliyanoor Zameen family. Their adoration isn’t acknowledged and loved by Arjun’s family. Their family chooses to wed Arjun with his cousin Raaji. Be that as it may, Arjun denies this proposition to be engaged. Aaadhira is bolstered by Neelaveni. In any case, aadhira doesn’t know about Neelaveni being a soul. Neelaveni and Aathira were dear companions in previous existence and there was a disaster in both of their lives. Chellaman adores Neelaveni’s brother by marriage and therefore she gets pregnant. Neelaveni guaranteed that she is going to slaughter their age with the assistance of Aadheera.


  • Sree Vani as Aathira/Chellama
  • Charutha Baiju as Neelaveni
  • Jai Dhanush as Arjun
  • Kanmani
  • Chakravathi/Boopathy
  • Bala singh as Rajarajan
  • Anju Aravind as Mangalam
  • Ambika Mohan as Aathira’s Mother
  • Neena Kurup as Suseela
  • Manju Satheesh as Arunagiri’s wife
  • Jaganatha Varma as Grandfather of Arjun
  • Naresh
  • Jesmy as Raji

Production Team

Screenplay by : Baskar Sakthi

Directed by : C.J.Bhaskar and Biju Varkees

Cinematography : Mr.Philip vijayakumar

Production company : Cine Times Entertainment

Telecast by : Sun TV


The series was released on 30th March 2015 at 10.00 PM.



Sree Vani as Aathira/Chellama
Sree Vani as Aathira/Chellama
Jai Dhanush as Arjun
Charutha Baiju as Neelaveni








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