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Deivamagal Sun TV Serial

Deivamagal is an Tamil soap opera television series, which premiered on 25 March 2013 on Sun TV. Stars Krishna, Vani Bhojan and Rekha Krishnappa in lead roles.


The story basically rotates around Prakash, his significant other Sathyapriya and his oldest sister-in-law Gayathri’s tricks against their families to overcome their hereditary property Jai Hind Villa.

The show starts in a little town with Sathyapriya who is the oldest girl of Sundaram, a rich man in the town who has two sisters, Tharani and Anjali. Sathya has an adversary in a similar town, named Sathyakala who is desirous of her. Once Sathyakala botches Karthik to be enamored with her, when he in all actuality, adores Sathyapriya. When she learns reality, she attempts to end it all. Sathyakala’s dad gets irate about it. Karthik and Sathyapriya’s marriage is fixed. Be that as it may, upon the arrival of the marriage, according to Sathyakala’s dad’s arrangement, the wedding gets ceased. Irritated, Karthik’s mom Annapoorni, carries her child alongside her. Sathya’s dad passes on in dissatisfaction. The family is driven away from their home and they go to Chennai, to Sampoornam, Sathya’s mom’s brother’s, Devaraj’s home. There, Devaraj’s better half, Saroja embarrasses the newcomers. However, Sathya’s uncle and her cousins, Suresh and Sujatha showers care and love on them.

Sathya gets down to business at a star inn and gets tormented by the GM, Gayathri there. Gayathri hails from a family, where her dad in-law, Chidambaram is a pleased fanatic of Mahatma. Chidambaram and his better half, Janaki, have 4 youngsters. The senior Kumar, is hitched to Gayathri and they have a girl Monisha. The second child Raju, a languid person, who stays and dozes at home throughout the day. He has a spouse Thilaga, who is remaining with her mom. They have their lone little girl, and the most youthful, Ragini, who heads off to college. Their third child, Prakash is an irascible man. Every one of his endeavors to finish tests and find an administration line of work which is ruined by Gayathri. Gayathri rules the family. The family needs to do basically everything for her. She needs to take the Jai Hind Vilas property all to herself. This is found by Prakash, and he turns into her enormous hindrance to get the property.

Devaraj and Sampoornam needs Sathya and Suresh to get hitched yet Saroja abhors it. In the interim, Sathya gets acquainted with Prakash’s folks and Prakash himself. Her gathering with Prakash and resulting gatherings does not go well. In any case, they become great companions, after Sathya spares Prakash despite the fact that he needed to slaughter her. Prakash spares Tharani from certain young people with shrewdness aims. This prompts him to succumb to her blamelessness and he chooses to get hitched to her. Tharani, who is enamored with her cousin Suresh, dislikes it. Meanwhile, Prakash organizes house for Sathya’s family after Saroja pursues them out. Sathya meets Karthik, and works at his office. Annapoorni understands her slip-up and chooses to get Sathya wedded to Karthik, as Karthik still cherishes her.

On the big day of Prakash and Tharani, Gayathri incites Tharani to steal away. When she does, Prakash powers Sathya to wed him, to win Gayathri. Sathya acknowledges as her mom beseeches her. Sathya repudiates Tharani. Further contention among Prakash and Suresh prompts a rough connection between the two families. In the mean time, Sathya and Prakash comprehends and becomes hopelessly enamored with one another. Prakash gets into squabble with Sathya’s mom and keeps her from gathering her mom. Incapable to conflict with Prakash, Sathya concurs.

Sathya gets pregnant and at the sametime, Tharani disappears. Prakash spares Sathya from a woman who needs to sell her. Tharani does to get them and remains resolute with them. Because of a few things, Sathya has an unsuccessful labor and she conceals it from Prakash. Nobody knows reality separated from Sathya’s mom, sister and Prakash’s sister-in-law, Thilaga. At the point when Sampoornam coincidentally proclaims reality, Prakash gets enraged and pursues Sathya out. He will not converse with her. Whenever at last, after he acknowledges the destiny and alters his perspective, he gets cut by certain goons who disturbed Sathya and Prakash before yet endures. Sathya and Prakash begins to think about one another.

Kumar then wedded Akila and she as of now has a son,while Gayathri made such a significant number of deterrents in their life.Sathya and Prakash had a little girl named Mahalakshmi. Every one of the issues were over once for all and Gayathri is captured yet she had gotten away from police with gun and shot Akila before Kumar and Prakash and Kidnapped Moni. The following day she had abducted Maha and chosen to kill her. Prakash and Sathya were scanning for the two children alongside the ACP Samuel Raja and keeping in mind that safeguarding Maha Prakash shot Gayathri yet she was alive lastly murdered by Kumar in the medical clinic. At long last the Jaihind vilas and Sakash lived cheerfully with their children.


Production Team

Written by : Vasu Bharathi & Nandhan Sridharan

Directed by : S.Kumaran

Producer : Vikatan Televistas

Location : Tamil Nadu

Cinematography : S.T.Martz

Production company : Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd

Telecast By : Sun TV


The series was released on 25 March 2013 to 17 February 2018 at 8.00 PM to 8.30 PM.

Number of episodes : 1,466



Krishna as Prakash Chidambaram
Vani Bhojan as Sathyapriya Prakash
Rekha Krishnappa as Gayathri
Prakash Rajan as Kumar Chidambaram


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