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Eeramaana Rojaave Vijay TV Serial

Eeramaana Rojaave (Eeramana Rojave) is an Tamil language family soap opera television series, which premiered on 9th July 2018 on Vijay TV. Stars PavithraDhiraviam Rajakumaran and Kumaran Thangarajan in lead roles.


Malarvizhi (Pavithra) begins to look all starry eyed at Maran (Kumaran Thangarajan) and they choose to get hitched. Upon the arrival of their wedding, Maran bites the dust in a mishap and his more youthful sibling Vetri (Dhiraviam Rajakumaran) is compelled to wed Malarvizhi. The story at that point rotates around Vetri and Malar’s marriage life. After the marriage Malar will not live with Vetri and reprimands him for everything. Vetri’s adoration intrigue, Anjali begins disturbing Vetri for deceiving him. In the interim Vetri joins a repairman shop. Vallavan a laborer there begins a scorn towards Vetri. When Malar needs to compose a test in Chennai. Vetri persuades his mom and take her to the test scene where somebody takes her pack wherein she has kept the corridor ticket. Vetri purchases another one saying that corridor ticket was lost in ‘Gaja’ storm. A young lady sitting close Malar duplicates and puts the fault on Malar. Vetri comes and saves her on schedule.

As their pack was stolen no cash was left for Vetri and Malar. Malar draws picture and Vetri composes lyric and sells it. They got cash and ate some nourishment. Vetri requests that Malar draw him. In any case, she will not draw his eyes since she can’t see his eyes. They live in a lodging there. They keep a gathering for couples. They pose some senseless inquiries about their significant other for which Vetri don’t have a clue about the appropriate response. Everyone ridicules them thus Malar goes out in anger. Vetri clarifies the full story of their life to everybody where everyone feel frustrated about them. Malar hearing these things came to realize that Maran has passed on in light of the fact that he had went in night to purchase a ring for Malar. Vetri handover the ring to Malar. On the following day when them two were remaining on the shoreline her ring goes into the ocean. Vetri hops into the water looking for it. Vetri was taken to the medical clinic in which he was spared. Malar feels upbeat for him.

Vetri’s companion , Thangarasu and his granddad cause him to accept that he adores Malar. Vetri acknowledge that after certain results. Akila (Gayatri) , Malar more youthful sister was being undermined by Azhagar. However, she don’t have the foggiest idea what it’s identity is. At the point when Akila was washing he took the video. After some occurrence his dad organizes Azhagar as his fiancee. Vetri with more trouble finds that it is none other than Azhagar. Upon the arrival of marriage Vetri comes clean to everybody and stops the marriage. Vetri’s more youthful sibling Pugazh is hitched to her.

When somebody stole Malars ‘thali’, Vetri promises and discover it in which he make the burglary inside the prison. Azhagar and the cheat hold hands to murder Vetri and vengeance him in the prison.

After these occasions Malar began to succumb to him. On a parallel scale Anjali starts to chat with Vetri in an amicable way and causes him which Vallavan catches photograph. Malar completes the remainder of her attracting of Vetri which she drew the rest of the eyes. Them two intended to admit their adoration on his birthday while Azhagar and his companions intends to make the birthday as death day.


Production Team

Directed by : Francis Kathiravan

Production company : Signature Productionz

Telecast by : Vijay TV


The series was released on 9th July 2018 at 2.30 PM to 3.00 PM.




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