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ICFAI Tech Faculty of Science and Technology Conducts Admission Test for Icfai Tech (ATIT) 2020, All India IFHE, Hyderabad for students seeking admission into the 4 year B.Tech. Programs. Faculty of Science & Technology popularly known as Icfai Tech is a constituent of IFHE.

Icfai Tech provides quality education and research in the fields of science and technology. It has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach designed to add significant value to the learner in terms of knowledge, practical skills and positive attitudes.The online registration process is available on the official website of https://www.ifheindia.org/. Eligible candidates can apply for the ATIT 2020 admission program for the academic session 2020 – 2021.

ATIT 2020 Offered programmes

The following branches of engineering are offered

  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
  • B.Tech in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech in Mechatronics Engineering

Eligibility for ATIT

  • Pass with 60% and above aggregate marks in Class XII (“or its equivalent”) with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English as subjects.
  • Class XII (or icfai tech equivalent) students awaiting final examination results may also apply.
  • Applicants should have completed 12 years of formal schooling in order to apply for the program.
  • The applicant should fulfil the minimum age requirements as prescribed by the respective Board through which the applicant has appeared for the qualifying examination.
  • If an applicant is found ineligible for whatever reasons even after admission into the Program, his / her admission will be cancelled.
  • All admissions will be subject to verification of facts from the original certificates / documents of the students. The decision of the Admissions Committee regarding eligibility of any applicant shall be final.

Preparation of Merit List for Admission:

The merit position of all candidates who have appeared in ATIT will be prepared on the basis of their total percentile scores obtained in ATIT. It is possible that the final ATIT scores of two candidates may be the same. Then the following criterion will be used to resolve the merit position of the two candidates:

  • First their scores obtained in Mathematics and Physics in ATIT will be considered.
  • If the tie still exists then their score in English and Logical reasoning in ATIT will be considered.
  • If the tie still exists, then their total PCM marks in 12th examination will be considered for their separation.

Availability of Seats:

The total number of admissions made may vary from year to year. The change in the total number of seats takes place primarily to adjust to the requirements of a highly flexible system which accommodates dual degree, transfer, etc. Based on earlier experience and on a statistical projection of the responses received in the application form, Icfai Tech might make admission offers to a larger number of candidates than the number of seats earmarked.

The Process of Allotment of Seats:

  • Once the merit list has been prepared, computer software is programmed to allot the seats starting from the first candidate on the merit list and going down the same until all seats are filled up.
  • At any time when the computer considers a candidate, it first tries to accommodate the first preference of the candidate and goes to his / her second preference if his / her first preference could not be accommodated and so on. Computerized seat allotment will be done and immediate admission offers are made.

Based on our past experience, a certain number of candidates would be placed on waiting list. Whenever vacancies arise, the procedure of allotment would be exactly the same as described above. During each iteration a de novo allotment starting from the first candidate in the merit list will be made. Of course, in this allotment, candidates who have declined the offer and / or who have not paid fees by 15 June 2020 would be removed from the merit list. It is now clear that in this process not only some of the candidates who are on the waiting list will get an allotment but also certain students who have already got an allotment may now get a new allotment to one of their higher preference if seats are now available.

The Sliding Operation:

  • Whenever a candidate is given admission in to a lower preferred program, he / she is kept on the waiting list for his / her higher preferred programs until all admissions for First Semester of the academic year are completed.
  • Any vacancy in any program caused by non-acceptance of the admission offer will be filled by offering the vacant seat to the next candidate in the order of merit. This process is called ‘Sliding-Up’.
  • According to the Institute rules, his / her acceptance of the admission offer implies that he / she will be automatically considered for sliding up to higher preferred program as indicated in his / her application form.

Waiting List Candidates:

The waiting list policy of Icfai Tech has the following characteristics namely:

  • The cut-off point for the waiting list is arrived at by our past experience in terms of the responses from the candidates, the number and the quality of candidates who have applied in the current year with a view to complete the admissions and start the classes on time.
  • Those who are offered admission in to a program in the first instance (original admission) will continue to be on the waiting list for their higher preferences.
  • The Institute does not assign any waiting list number.
  • A candidate who has a higher ATIT score may be on the waiting list while a candidate who has a lower ATIT score may have got admission because the former crossed out a program which the latter had opted for and seats were available in that particular program. Therefore it is expected that the candidates will indicate preferences for all the programs in the application form.
  • Any candidate who crosses out (does not choose) a program not only ceases to be candidate for admission to the program but also for consideration on the waiting list of that particular program. For example a candidate could cross out the preference for CSE admission. In such a case the candidate will not be considered for original admission in CSE, he/ she will also not be on the waiting list for admission in the CSE program.
  • Candidates shortlisted for the waiting list must pay their fee (by 15 June, 2020) along with the candidates who have been offered confirmed admission, in order to remain in contention for confirmed admission.

Some tips on marking preferences and crossing out: The candidates are strongly advised to exercise their preferences after careful consideration. If a candidate wishes to join Icfai Tech irrespective of the program so that he can slide up until the admission process is complete or he / she can avail of certain unusual flexibilities like dual degree, etc. it would not be in his / her interest to cross out any program. The other extreme is where a candidate is absolutely sure of sliding up and such candidates would be advised to show preferences to those limited programs only and cross out the rest.

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