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Kalathu Veedu Vijay TV Serial

Kalathu Veedu is an Tamil soap opera television series, which premiered on 2 November 2015 – 25 March 2016 on Vijay TV. The show is directed by Arul Raj and stars Shankara Pandian and Devi Priya in lead roles.


The Kalathu Veedu family, of the town head Sivan Kaalai is a famous and persuasive group of a town close Madurai, Ponraasu, the leader of the Kaara Veedu is envious of Sivankaalai and needs to stigmatize him at any expense.

Panchavarnam, the leader of the Kammaa Veedu whose father was rebuffed for taking, by Sivan Kaalai’s dad, likewise tries to obliterate the Kalathu Veedu family. In this manner, with a joint motivation, the couple hold hands to stigmatize and break the Kalathu Veedu. Their endeavors prove to be fruitful and the family is broken and broke.

Be that as it may, on his passing bed, the Kalathu Veedu head, Sivankaalai, calls his most youthful child Jeeva, who is a movie producer currently, to rejoin the family and bring back the popularity and brilliance of the Kalathu Veedu. How Jeeva beats deterrents to accomplish these objectives and make his dad’s last wish materialize, is the story


Production Team

Written by : Arul Raj

Directed by : Arul Raj

Location : Theni district Madurai

Cinematography : Sai Srinivas

Original Network : Vijay TV


The series was released on 2 November 2015 to 25 March 2016 at 6:30PM.




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