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Kalyana Parisu Sun TV Serial

Kalyana Parisu is an Tamil soap opera television series, which premiered on 10th February 2014 on Sun TV. Stars Neha Gowda and Eshwar in lead roles.

The show is produced by Vision Time and directed by P.Selvam. Kalyana Parisu season 2 premeried on 10th September 2018. The second season sequel and next generation story of Kalyana Parisu 1 reflects the lives of Vidhya and Ashok.


Season 1

This season is a family and triangular romantic tale. Gayathri (B.R Neha), Subbulakshmi (Shruthi) and Renukha (Akila) are great companions, however their kinship does not keep going long. Surya (Eshwar Raghunathan) is hitched to both Subbulakshmi and Gayathri, because of unforeseen conditions. How life turns disorganized for every one of the three is the story.

Season 2

This season is a town family sentiment retribution story. Vidya (Srithika) endeavors to deal with her family while working at Ashok (Arnav’s) home. In spite of the fact that she is enamored with her cherished companion Ashok, he doesn’t comprehend Vidya and his progression mother Subbulakshmi (Vanitha Krishnachandran’s) emotions and needs to wed Shwetha (Keerthi Jai Dhanush) who begins to look all starry eyed at him. Later he weds Vidya because of surprising conditions. How Ashok and Vidhya live respectively is the story.


Production Team

Wirtten : Kumaresan

Producer : Vaidehi Ramamurthy

Directors : R.Nandhakumar, A.Ramachandaran, A.P.Rajenthiran

Telecast by : Sun TV


The series was released on 10th February 2014 at 2.00 PM



Eshwar Ragunathan as Surya Dharmalingam
Neha Gowda as Gayathri Surya
Sruthi Shanmuga Priya as Subbulakshmi Surya


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