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Kalyana Veedu Sun TV Serial

Kalyana Veedu is an Tamil language comedy family soap opera television series, which premiered on 19th February 2018 on Sun TV. Stars Thirumurugan, R.Sundarrajan, Spoorthi and Anjana in lead roles.


The story begins with Gopi who is a family man with three sisters, mother, grandma, who is living in New Delhi. Because of conditions he and his family are being agitated by Anushya’s significant other [ Gopi’s sister ]. Anushya’s significant other is tormenting his family for separation . be that as it may, Anushya isn’t intrigued to apply for separation. Because of that, Gopi’s family moves to Thiruvaiyaru where his subsequent sister lives with her better half alongside his sister’s home, there lives a family. The family comprise of Surya, Kadhiresan [Surya’s father] and Roja [Surya’s sister]. After numerous occurrences, Gopi and Surya begin to look all starry eyed at one another. In any case, Kadhiresan fixes marriage for Surya with another spouse, [Raja], in this way, Gopi ends up devastated and leaves to Singapore to acquire cash for his more youthful sister’s marriage.

Gopi is swindled in Singapore and takes up a new position to win cash. There, he meets his beloved companion Swetha, who was his accomplice in a band in Delhi. Swetha causes him and recuperates Gopi’s old occupation. Gopi feels cheerful and simultaneously, Surya’s marriage is halted because of her sister Roja. Because of conditions, Gopi guarantees Swetha that he will wed her in Singapore. Swetha joyfully acknowledges him as she really liked him since adolescence. In the wake of winning cash, Gopi comes back to Swetha’s sibling and discloses to him that he will wed his sister. During this time, Gopi’s family and Surya’s family learn of Surya’s affection for Gopi. They plan their marriage. At the point when Gopi comes back to Thiruvaiyaru, he is stunned to know this. he is unyielding about wedding Swetha yet his mom tells that she will pass on the off chance that he weds Swetha. Swetha learns of Gopi’s first love and advises Gopi to wed Surya. Before long, Surya’s family comes to think about Gopi’s guarantee. Gopi doesn’t have even an inkling what to do. At that point numerous episodes occur in Surya’s family and Roja turns into the opponent who submits misrepresentation to stop Surya’s marriage with Raja as she adored Raja yet Raja cherishes Surya. Gopi uncovers reality with regards to Roja to everybody. Roja loses control with Gopi and needs to destroy Gopi’s life. At that point, Surya again comes to Gopi and proposes her adoration for him and requests that he acknowledge it. Gopi still adores Surya, yet his guarantee removes him from his adoration. Gopi and Surya’s affection for each remaining parts. Roja and Raja are as yet determined about wedding their adoration. Nonetheless, when Swetha discloses to Gopi that her lost spouse has returned, Gopi feels cheerful. At that point, he understands his affection for Surya and goes to Surya’s home to propose to her. During that time, Kadhiresan shows at least a bit of kindness assault because of Roja’s torment towards wedding Raja. Then, Swetha ‘s sibling had a heart assault. Gopi joins Kadhiresan in the clinic. Surya and Gopi remain in emergency clinic. All of a sudden, Gopi comes to think about Swetha’s sibling’s heart assault. He advises Surya however Surya requests that he remain with her, yet Gopi goes to Pondicherry to meet Swetha’s sibling where he comes to realize that Swetha’s better half didn’t return and Swetha has deceived him. During this time, Gopi again vows to Swetha’s sibling that he will wed Swetha, however Gopi isn’t keen on wedding Swetha as he just adores Surya.

Surya additionally vows to her dad that she will wed Raja per her father’s desire. Gopi gets lost on his approach to Tanjore. after numerous scenes, Raja turns into the lowlife and abducts everybody in Gopi’s family and Surya’s family so as to wed Surya. Roja and Swetha betray Raja to stop his wedding with Surya. Raja with his raucous posse goes to Mahabalipuram and remains in the hotel. The wedding is planned for the following day. Roja touches base with Swetha in the wedding place at the right time and stops it. Roja gets hold of Raja and Surya is again seized by Raja’s posse and they expect to ruin Surya’s life. Gopi touches base there and spares Surya. Everybody is content with Gopi’s entrance. Gopi asks Roja to rebuff Raja’s group as they assaulted Roja. The following day, everybody learns of Gopi’s vanishing. Nandakumar and Kadhiresan see Gopi with another young lady and ponder him. Kadhiresan mortifies Gopi before everybody and takes Surya alongside him. Nandhakumar talks awful about Gopi to Kadhiresan to persuade him. To isolate Surya from Gopi, Nandakumar plotted against them two and made Gopi to loathe Surya. At that point, he made Gopi guarantee Swetha once more.

Gopi again guarantees Nandhu that he will wed Swetha. Roja comes energetically. Roja learns of Nandhu’s moves and admonishes Kadhiresan for trusting Nandhakumar. Roja asks Gopi to wed Surya, however Gopi concedes his choice to wed Swetha. Surya meets Gopi and reveals to him reality. She says that despite everything she cherishes him and simultaneously, she says that she is locked in. Gopi is irritated and chastens Nandhakumar. Nandhakumar before long told that he will wed Anusuya if Gopi weds Swetha. Gopi stops Surya’s marriage. Kadhiresan discovers that Gopi is blameless. Before long, Savitha weds Pichamani and Gopi’s family feels upbeat. At the marriage lobby, Roja persuades Gopi to wed Surya. Gopi dithers to discuss his marriage, however Surya says that she isn’t keen on wedding Gopi and she asks Swetha to wed Gopi as she is a single parent with a tyke. Anusuya discloses to Nandhakumar that she wouldn’t like to wed anybody. Regardless of whether Surya and Gopi get hitched structures the remainder of the story.


Production Team

Story : Thirumurugan

Dialogue : Muthulakshmi Arumugathamizhan

Producer : Jyothi Thirumurugan

Director : Thirumurugan

Production Company : Thiru Pictures (P) Ltd

This is a Family satire story, Produced by Jothi Thirumurugan and That show on Sun TV. Metti Oli, Nadhaswaram Serial Fame Thirumurugan was Selected to Portray the lead job of Gopi. Thirumurugan made his Comeback following Three years. Spoorthi, who assumes the lead job, making her Tamil-language debuts with the arrangement. R.Sundarrajan was chosen to the job of Kathiresan and J.Muthukumarasamy as Raman Who assumed an Important job.


The series was released on 16 April 2018 at 7.30 PM.



Thirumurugan as Gopi
Spoorthi as Surya
Anjana as Swetha
















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