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Lakshmi Vanthachu Zee Tamil Serial

Lakshmi Vanthachu is an Tamil soap opera television series, which premiered on 2nd February 2015 on Zee Tamil. Stars Vani Bhojan and Sravan Rajesh in lead roles.


Vetrivel, who lives in Pollachi, begins to look all starry eyed at Lakshimi. Lakshimi too adores him. Vetri is from a rich family .however has an awful past. 21 years before his sister ended it all before his relatives which made his mom to sit in a wheelchair where she can’t ready to talk, walk, or hear. His dad who is Nattamai of his Village leaves his place of employment to take care of his mom. He additionally has one senior sibling who is as yet unmarried and two more youthful siblings where one is conveyed of their home by his dad as he was the primary explanation behind his sister’s suicide endeavor. Then again, Lakshimi is a milk merchant who has three sisters and a mother. She is the main individual who buckles down for the family. Finally, Vetri and Lakshimi choose to wed. On their marriage day, because of her mom’s structure, Lakshimi can’t go to the sanctuary. Subsequent to sitting tight for quite a while for Lakshimi, Vetri chooses to end it all as he can’t bring a terrible name to his family, who are enthusiastically hanging tight for the entry of their home new girl in law. In the interim, in Chennai, Nandhini, a cheerful individual, becomes hopelessly enamored with Shakthi. Shakthi likewise cherishes her. They choose to wed. Be that as it may, Nandhini’s ravenous overseers (her dad’s sibling and his significant other) fix her marriage with a rich person for cash. Nadhini chooses to abscond with Shakthi. She escapes from the marriage lobby and sits tight for Shakthi.

Shakthi comes there and slaps Nandhini tearing down her character and a little while ago he came to know all the awful things about Nandhini. In reality this is finished by Anushka, Shakthi’s houseowner’s little girl, who additionally cherishes Shakthi and needs him to isolate him from Nandhini. Shakthi leaves Nandhini and passes via vehicle. Discouraged, Nandhini gets a transport and goes in that transport till its last stop. The transport is to Pollachi. She deboards at Pollachi. Subsequent to considering Shakthi, she chooses to end it all and goes to the highest point of a slope. There she meets Vetri who attempts to focus on suicide. She stops him. Them two portrays their disastrous past to one another. After that Nandhini consents to act like Lakshmi and goes with Vetri to his home. She wins the core surprisingly in the family.


Production Team

Screenplay by : S.Sekilar

Directed by : V.Sathasivam and Suresh Krissna

Cinematography : Kanesh Kumar

Editor : T.Ajith

Telecast by : Zee Tamil


The series was released on 2nd February 2015 to 25th November 2017. The show launched on 2 February 2015, and it aired Monday through Friday at 9:30PM (IST). On 19 June 2017, the show’s airtime shifted to Monday through Friday at 6:30PM (IST).



Sravan Rajesh as Vetrivel
Vani Bhojan as Nandhini/Lakshmi Vetrivel and Jhansi
Haripriya Vigneshkumar as Anushka Shaktivel


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