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Neeli Vijay TV Serial

Neeli is an Tamil Horror-supernatural soap opera television series, which premiered on 12th December 2016 on Vijay TV. Stars Naveen, Chavi and Kavitha in lead roles.


It is an anecdote about Abhirami (Chavi Sharma) loses her mom Divya (Niranjani) at a youthful age and is crushed when her dad remarries. Rekha (Kavitha) is attempting to isolate Abi from her better half. It’s then that Divya, similar to a holy messenger, shields Abhi from the inconveniences of life. Around then, Anjali (Nandhini) came into the image. As she is a memory misfortune persistent, she enters the family. Anjali and Abhi before long get appended. Divya shows up before Anjali and both attempt to discover the torments in Divya’s passing. In that procedure Divya helps Anjali in a roundabout way in numerous events and she attempts to make Anjali to succumb to Surya. A few occurrences in the home makes others to abhor Anjali. A capacity named Thalikorthal comes and everybody covers the spot of capacity to Anjali. Divya appears to Surya and encourages Anjali to arrive at the spot. At the point when Anjali enters the Mangalsutra fells from Rekha’s neck.

Iyer of the sanctuary recommends the Mangalsutra ought to be tied again by him subsequent to doing a few customs. Meanwhile Divya’s dad comes to meet Rekha, and it comes to know him that Divya’s spirit who is doing every single such thing in home with the assistance of Anjali. So he chooses to make her spirit to accomplish harmony. So they all go to meet a Sidhar. There Sidhar meets Rekha and advises her to do a few ceremonies at various sanctuaries everything being equal. So Rekha leaves the home to visit all sanctuaries. Divya’s dad asks a guarantee from Divya not to make any issues any more. Rekha plays out some troublesome ceremonies in sanctuaries which incorporates wearing thistle shoes, handles fire includes custom and so forth. So Surya feels terrible for her and comprehends she is doing every single such thing for him and for his welfare and great life. Overfelt Surya chooses to meet the equivalent Sidhar to request an option.

Sidhar guides him to make Divya quiet which is the best way to make all issues tackle. Sidhar causes him to see Divya and Divya says she needs to invest some energy with him and Abi. She says she needs to go through seven days with Abi by entering in Anjali’s body. Surya at first won’t however Abi likewise needs to invest energy with her folks. Surya looks for Anjali’s assistance yet she won’t go with them. In the wake of examining with Divya, Anjali consents to go through seven days with them. They independently reveal to some phony motivations to home mates and leaves home. Without the learning of Rekha, they visits a motel in ECR.


Production Team

Directed by : C.Jerrold

Written by : C.Jerrold

Editor : S.Mathan Kumar

Production company : TRM

Telecast by : Vijay TV


The series was released on 19 December 2016 to 22 December 2017 at 12.30 PM to 1.00 PM.




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