Ninaika Therintha Manamae Serial Story, Cast, Timings, Review, Photos and Videos

Ninaika Therintha Manamae Vijay TV Serial

Ninaika Therintha Manamae is an Tamil Revenge Psychological Thriller and Romance drama television series, which premiered on 25th December 2017 on Vijay TV. Stars Ashwin and Aishwarya in lead roles and film actress Uma Riyaz Khan in negative role.


The story pursues Deepa, a lady who loses her memory in a mishap. Deepa additionally loses her unborn tyke in the mishap yet does not understand it. She awakens nearby Aravind, who lives in a similar structure as she.

After the mishap, Aravind is brought together with his family, who expect that Deepa is his life partner. Aravind does not right his family and they acknowledge Deepa and bring her into their family. Aravind’s family treats her well and they before long mastermind a wedding for Deepa and Aravind.

After the wedding, Deepa’s past is uncovered to the remainder of the family. They discover that Deepa’s genuine name is Karthika, and that she had a spouse named Gautham. Gautham’s family discovers Karthika (presently Deepa) and they choose to bring her back. Subsequent to learning of this, a stunned Karthika chooses to go out.

In any case, Karthika overlooks that Gautham treated her ineffectively, which was what provoked her to leave. Gautham needs her property, which he will get once her granddad passes away.

Gautham is a tanked who used to squabble every now and again with Karthika. During one of Gautham’s smashed gorges, she persuaded him to sign legal documents. After the separation, Karthika began another life where she met Aravind.


This is Revenge Psychological Thriller and Romance story, that airs on Vijay TV. Rettai Vaal Kuruvi serial fame Ashwin was selected to portray the lead role of male. Anuroopa Kannada serial fame Aishwarya landed in lead role of female.

Production Team

Written by : Thamayanthi

Directed by : Azhagar

Producer : K.Vijay Anandh & Alluri Nageswara Rav

Production company : Story Palette

Telecast by : Vijay TV


The series was released on 25 December 2017 to 27 April 2018 at 2.00 PM



Ashwin as Aravind
Aishwarya as Deepa
Uma Riyaz Khan as Mallikka


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