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Pagal Nilavu Vijay TV Serial

Pagal Nilavu is an Tamil Romance soap opera television series, which premiered on 9 May 2016 on Vijay TV. The show is produced by K.J.Ganesh and stars Mohammed AzeemVignesh KarthikSoundharya and Shivani Narayanan in lead roles. The serial is an Sequel of Andal Azhagar Serial Season 2, New and Next Generation with Andal and Azhagar’s Two Daughters and Sakthi and First Wife Revathy’s and Second Wife’s Sons.


It is an anecdote about adoration, however conditions have made Andal and Azhagar’s families adversary for two ages. The dramatization investigates whether their girls, Revathy (Soundarya Bala Nandakumar) and Sakthi (Sameera Sherief) rejoin the family. Jr Revathy and Karthick (Vignesh Karthick) fall for one another in like manner do Prabhakaran and Jr Sakthi.As Jr Sakthi weds Prabhakaran the opponent develops and Jr Revathy and Karthick separation because of the conditions. In mid of this because of certain false impressions made by Prabha’s mom Jr Sakthi leaves him and remains with her granddad. As Chidambaram(the family head) Is having medical issues everybody acknowledges his desire of everybody remaining under a similar rooftop. Over the long haul Jr Sakthi accommodate with her family however has a scorn towards Prabhakaran so to comprehend that Sneha(Shivani Narayanan ), an examination understudy and Karthick’s companion lands to Madurai. She gradually realize the family issues and concocts an arrangement to rejoin Jr Sakthi and Prabhakaran and it works out and all the relatives accommodate. In any case, malar still needs to demolish the family so she bring another MD arjun(Mohammed azeem) to her industrial facility supplanting Sakthi which makes a scorn towards that individual for all relatives. In the mean time, Jr Revathy and Karthick accommodate after their separation. A companion of azhagar is presented. It is appeared as azhagar’s companion’s child Jeeva (Mahesh) has built up a fascination towards Jr Revathy and admits to his dad that he cherishes her. He likewise makes endeavors to dazzle her. Sneha and Arjun likewise draw nearer. Arjun makes Revathy to get moved to Mumbai which makes trouble in the family and fractures between Jr Revathy and Karthick.The crack between them develops when Jeeva states that he needs to wed Jr Revathy.

Karthik begins to abhor Revathy Jr and gives back her the ring she talented him. In the interim, love blooms among Sneha and Arjun. Following a couple of days Karthick and Jr Revathy accommodate and admit reality to Jeeva that the two of them are infatuated however Jeeva won’t acknowledge reality and powers Jr Revathy to wed him. He regularly interferes in their adoration life. Sr Revathy and Ramya choose to get Sneha wedded to Karthick. Sneha parts ways with Arjun. Jr Revathy and Karthick commend their fourth year love commemoration and Malar’s little girl Tamizh adores Arjun. Ramya takes Sneha back to Delhi until the opportunity arrives for the wedding among Sneha and Karthick. Sneha then tells Sr Revathy that she can’t wed Karthick in light of the fact that she cherishes somebody. At that point Ramya asks Dilip to wed Sneha and he concurs. Arjun goes to Delhi to stop the wedding. When he goes to the wedding lobby, Ramya is murdered because of a mishap. Sr Revathy and Sr Sakhti bring Sneha home and Arjun and Tamizh get ready for marriage. Sneha and Arjun covertly get hitched because of an occurrence. After many spinning turn and turns, Arjun and Sneha gets hitched by the assistance of a cop which was at first set up by Malar.


Production Team

Written by : Francis Kathiravan

Directed by : Francis Kathiravan

Producer : K.J.Ganesh

Location : Madurai

Original language : Tamil

Telecast By : Vijay TV


The series was released on 9 May 2016 to 9 March 2019 at 5.30 PM to 6.00 PM.



Mohammed Azeem as Arjun
Shivani Narayanan as Sneha Arjun
Syed Anwar Ahmed as Prabhakaran (Prabha) and Sameera Sherief as Junior Sakthi


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