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Rettai Vaal Kuruvi Vijay TV Serial

Rettai Vaal Kuruvi is an Tamil soap opera television series, which premiered on 1 June – 16 October 2015 on Vijay TV. The show is produced by Harish sajja and stars Ashwin Kumar and Pavani Reddy in lead roles.


The Romance Drama is about a separated from couple, who start working at a similar office. Nila’s dad, plans to execute Bala as a vengeance on his sister’s significant other. He brings two nearby goons from Madurai to kill Bala and is wounded yet gets by the opportune assistance of Nila. Nila and Bala become nearer to one another. Be that as it may, when Bala discovers Nila’s dad attempted to murder him he ends up angry on Nila as well. At that point he goes to his companion, Armugam’s marriage in a town to invigorate his psyche without telling any of his relatives. Then again, Nila misleads everybody that she is keen on moving to America as she can’t endure Bala’s contempt towards her at the same time, moves to a similar town to which Bala goes, without knowing his quality in there. It ends up being Nila, the companion of Arumugam’s to be spouse, Devayani. Bala and Nila attempt to be away from one another yet as Nila’s companions were playing with Bala, envy develops inside Nila which brings them closer. Deyvani’s mum and Arumugam’s sister in law intend to unite them in different ways, however none work. Pazhani, Deyvani’s sibling who went to jail for a homicide normally met her furtively, which Bala saw and questioned on the lady of the hour. Without knowing Pazhani to be Devayani’s sibling, Bala carries the gathering to open, where Pazhani is hit by the town individuals.

In spite of the fact that Bala and Nila become acquainted with about one another’s affection, they’re not communicating it. To ask pardoning Bala and his companions visit the Deyvanai’s place, however Pazhani thumps them. Furthermore, because of compassion the family pardons them however a nota for the marriage. Nila truly feels heartbroken and them two admit their affection once more. Around the same time Nila gets hit by a vehicle and is conceded in an emergency clinic. Because of Nila’s basic condition, her family moves her to Germany for treatment, without Bala’s information. Bala’s international ID is obstructed by Nila’s dad destroying all approaches to contact her. Following couple of years Nila’s sister in law calls Bala and lets him know Nila doesn’t recollect her past. Without anybody uncovering about Bala as her HUSBAND, she composes Bala’s name alone at whatever point she gets a paper. So they understand her affection and rejoin Bala and Nila with another begin. Anyway Bala tells Nila, that he was her dear companion. So she guides him to take her to places they have visited before in his bicycle. Also, they begin once again once more.


Production Team

Written by : Jerold

Directed by : Jerold

Theme music composer : Balaji

Opening theme : Thada Thadavena by Naran

Country of origin : Tamil Nadu

Producer : Harish sajja

Location : Tamil Nadu

Cinematography: Vishwanathan

Original Network : Vijay TV


The series was released on 1 June – 16 October 2015 at 9.00 PM.



Ashwin Kumar as bala or bala murugan
Pavani Reddy as nila or vennila


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