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Sandhiya Colors Tamil Serial

Sandhiya or Santhiya (சந்தியா) is an Tamil Language Indian supernatural horror drama television series, which premiered on 1st July 2019 on Colors Tamil at 9:00PM (Monday-Friday). The show is produced by Balaji Telefilms and stars Deepika Singh, Namik Paul and Vin Rana in lead roles. Sandhiya has been Original in Hindi as Kavach Maha Shivratri (Kavach season 2) and is broadcast on Colors TV.


The show portrays the Shiva sanctuary in Dev Lali and the mystery of mahashivratri close to an incineration ground where a solitary lady love Lord Shiva in that sanctuary at 4 am can see her future spouse’s face. Malevolence spirits float as of now. Twenty years after the vanishing of her fatherly auntie, an unmarried lady, Sandhya ends up in precisely the same sanctuary where her auntie had disappearedthrough certain conditions. There, she adores Lord Shiva, while being hypnotized by his hitting the dance floor with goddess parvati and consequently, he gets the opportunity to watch her future spouse’s face. Meanwhile, she gets drew in with Angadher supervisor, however lamentably she meets a man whom Lord Shiva had bound to be her future spouse, through her ring service, the man is thought to be Angad’s closest companion Kapil.

This raises a great deal of perplexity in Sandhya’s brain. Also, then again, she thinks about that Angad is in association with another lady. In the interim through the wedding customs, Sandhya is persistently spooky by the spirits and phantoms animated by her in the sanctuary, by which each time Kapil rations her and ingrains Doubts in angada in her. In the long run, Sandhya chooses to get hitched to Angad to test his commitment, yet as issues had been foreordained by Lord Shiva, Sandhya gets hitched to Kapil. In any case, for reasons unknown, Kapil is an insidious been holding for the past thing with covered thought processes of retribution that he’d been holding for the recent years. Sandhya turns into a Kawach for her adoration for all Kapil’s insidious Sandhya turns into a Kawach for her affection for all shield and her affection from Kapil.

Therefore, Sadhya and Angad marry one another, however unfortunately Kapil possesses Angad’s body after their association. Will Sandhya turns into a Kawach for her affection for all underhanded??


  • Deepika Singh as Sandhya
  • Namik Paul as Angad
  • Vin Rana as Kapil Mittal
  • Yogita Bihani as Manju Patwardhan
  • Hritu Dudani as Nisha
  • Rushal Parakh
  • Mallika Nayak as Malini Jindal
  • Nidhi Shah as Suman Patwardhan
  • Harsh Vashisht as Jolly Jindal
  • Sushil Parashar as Vinayak Patwardhan
  • Deepali Kamath as Usha Patwardhan
  • Shirin Sewani as Archana
  • Rishika Nag as Ranjana
  • Suraj Kakkar as Kartik Patwardhan
  • Smita Oak as Madhuri Patwardhan
  • Sabina Jat as Roohi Jindal
  • Sanyogita Mayer as Shobha Jindal
  • Kabeer Kumar as Akhil Patwardhan
  • Vijhay Badlaani as Rishi
  • Mandeep Kumar as Mankesh Patwardhan
  • Afzaal Khan
  • Manuj Bhaskar

Production Team

Production company : Balaji Telefilms

Directed by : Santram Verma & Arshad Khan

Telecast by : Colors Tamil


The series was released on 1st July 2019 at 9.00 PM to 9.30 PM.



Sandhiya serial Hero & heroine Marriage photo
Sandhiya serial Heroine Deepika Singh and Hero Vin Rana
Sandhiya serial Heroine Deepika Singh and Hero Namik Paul
Sandhiya serial Heroine Deepika Singh


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