Sathya (TV Series) Serial Story, Cast, Timings, Review, Photos and Videos

Sathya Zee Tamil TV Serial

Sathya is a Tamil language television series that airs on Zee Tamil from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 pm. It premiered on 4th March 2019. Ayesha and Vishnu Kumar are the main protagonists of the series along with an ensemble supporting cast including Koli Ramya, Janaki, Yogesh and Nesan.


Sathya is a bold and tomboyish young lady, who makes an amazing most as it comes. She lives with her mom, grandma and her cash disapproved of senior sister Divya. Sathya claims her cherished late father’s repairman shed, from whom she additionally acquired her tomboyish nature and sticks around with her male companions. Under unexpected conditions, she knocks crosswise over Prabhu, a rich man who regularly succumbs to her shenanigans. Before long love blooms among Prabhu and Sathya. Notwithstanding, Prabhu ends up being the husband for Divya, who dumps her ex for him on learning of his wealth. How Sathya manages the ordinary disturbances and the science among her and Prabhu quicken structures the remainder of the story.



This is a Brave young lady story, that show on Zee Tamil. Ponmagal Vanthal and Maya sequential well known Ayesha was chosen to depict the lead job of Sathya. Office sequential well known Vishnu arrived ahead of the pack job of Prabhu. Vishnu assume the lead job just because. Koli Ramya, Yogesh, Yuvasree, Sri Vidaya Natrajan and Janaki were chosen to assume other Important jobs.

Production Team

Written by – SJ Lobol samy , N.Ramana Gopinath

Screenplay by – SJ Lobol Samy

Directed by – AR.Karthik


The series was released on 4th March 2019 at 10.00 PM.



Ayesha as Sathya (Rowdy Baby)
Vishnu Kumar as Prabhu (Amul Baby)
Koli Ramya as Divya
Rajasekhar as Shanmugasundaram


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