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Valli Sun TV Serial

Valli is an Tamil soap opera television series, which premiered on 17 December 2012 on Sun TV. Stars Vidhya Mohan, Raj Kumar Manoharan and Ajay in lead roles.


Valli depicts the mental fortitude appeared by a community young lady who is basic and normal in looks. She flees from a community because of the inconveniences brought about by her maternal uncle as he attempts to get Valli wedded to a nearby person for cash.

Valli begins an interesting voyage looking for crisp expectations throughout everyday life and a domain to however her whims may dictate. She shrouds her very own personality in the new condition and takes a stab at subsiding into another existence with no weights and distresses. During this period, There comes another issue which she had never imaged about.

She faces a lot more difficulties from the individuals where she is presently as of now and her life turns out to be more hopeless than any other time in recent memory when she was in her community. The story at that point takes a high wander aimlessly and keeps running into a peachy state of mind and how Valli demonstrates her mental fortitude to deal with each one of those issues and leave the circumstance shapes the essence of the story. Valli wears her twin sister Vennila’s character so as to take care of the issues in her existence with the assistance of an old woman named Rajeswari. Vennila’s better half Anand turned out poorly school at his young days because of his uncle Sivashankaran’s detestable plans.S hankar likewise kills Anand’s folks and makes Anand as a stupid and frightened of his sibling Prakash.Valli helps Anand in his learning with the assistance of her companion Nandan. Vennila is pregnant and the story moves in that line. Shankar’s little girl Shalini weds Arun, with an obscure certainty that he has a mother and a more youthful sister. Her uncle Nithish, who cherishes her makes an arrangement to isolate Shalini and Arun. Every one of these plans goes vain because of the possibility of Arun’s sister in law Anandhi and his dad Natarajan. Shankar and Prakash makes mishap to Anand with the assistance of Bala. Because of this mishap, Anand arrives at Coma arrange. Sena gets another adversary named Inspector Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan and Sena become companions in light of the fact that Sena is helping him to discover his hijacked little girl Vandhana. Sena distinguishes that Vandhana was grabbed by Balaji, who need to retaliate for his sister who had been assaulted by Arya, celebrated agent Kasinathan’s child. Sena salvages her and interim Bala and Sorna makes a partnership again to vindicate Valli and Vicky. Anand gets restored from Coma stage and assumes responsibility as MD of Anand Group of Companies. Vennila conveys infant and gets visual perception. Valli-Vicky goes to Yercaud for special night. Yet, the soul of Umamaheshwari enters Valli, despite the fact that Uma is in trance like state organize. Presently Prakash gets all properties of Anand by grabbing Vennila’s child with the assistance of his dad in law GRK. Prakash weds Devi. Vaishalli and GRK get some answers concerning Prakash’s subsequent marriage. Devi moves toward becoming MD of Anand Group of Companies. Prakash turns into her colleague. Indrasena additionally faces various issues through Chamundeshwari, her better half Ashok, Ashok’s dad Singaperumal and later on through Singaperumal’s sister Deivanayaki. Indrasena judges Sivagami in light of the fact that her granddaughter was killed by Singaperumal. Anand discovers reality with regards to Valli. Prakash turns great and plots with Valli and Vicky against Sivashankar. In any case, Sivashankar keeps on mentally programming Anand. Valli gets pregenant. Sivashankar inserts a bomb in the vehicle trying to slaughter Vennila. In any case, Venilla endures and camouflages as a male cook by name Singaravelan and participates in Anand’s home with the goal that she can uncover the genuine natures of Sivashankar to Anand. Valli’s companion Rahul gives his kidney to Azhagamperumal in light of kidney disappointment. In any case, Rahul extortion Valli and Vicky,he states that the cost is Valli’s first youngster. Sivashankar is attempting Anand get the chance to wed with a young lady Archana in spite of the fact that Anand had hitched. Deivanayaki attempts to shoot and murder Indrasena however Sivagami’s home house cleaner Kamala spares Indrasena and Kamala gets shoot and pass on.


Main cast

Additional cast

Former cast

  • Uma as Valli
  • Dindigul Dhanam & Surekha as Bakiyam
  • Sasi Anand as Kottaiswamy
  • V.S. Raghavan as Subbu grandfather
  • Ramji as Subbu
  • Indraja as Madhumitha Subbu
  • Samdani Basha as Mahesh
  • Sivan Sreenivasan as Subbu father
  • Priya as Subbu mother
  • Kathir as Kathir
  • Sangeetha Balan as Swarna
  • Birla Bose as Singharavelan(I.P.S)
  • Sadhana as Banumathy
  • Dharshini as Pogudi
  • Arun as D.C Dhalyan
  • Prakash Rajan as Subash
  • Shamili/Sunitha as Shamili
  • Babitha as Vinod mom
  • Yuvanraj Nethran as Rajesh
  • Krithika as Sudha
  • Akila as Nirmala
  • Shalini as Shalini
  • Jeeva Ravi(N.Ravi) as Chandru
  • Niharika as Anand’s Mom
  • Nisha Krishnan as Sujatha

Production Team

Written by : Saregama Story Crew (Thangavelu)

Dialogues by : K.Shanmugam

Screenplay by : S.Sekkilar

Directed by : R.P Maradhu, K.Shanmugam, R.Nandhakumar and N.Sundareshwaran

Creative director : B.R.Vijayalakshmi & Prince Immanuels

Music by : X.Paulraj, Kiran

Producer : Saregama

Editor : K.Mathi.A.Madhan

Location : Tamil Nadu

Cinematography : K.S.Udhaya Shankar

Telecast by : Sun TV


The series was released on 17 December 2012 on┬áSun TV at 10:30 PM – 11:00 PM.



Vidhya Mohan as Valli Vikram / Vennila Anand(dual role)
Raj Kumar Manoharan as Vikram Azhagaperumal(Vicky)
Jyothi Lakshmi/Latha as Rajeswari
Rani as Indrasena
Bobby Bilani as Aditya Kasinathan
Kanya Bharathi as Mythili


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